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My Reggaeography

It all happened long ago – and maybe it was true –, on a little plain called Hungary in the middle of the great European woods, there lived A.A., a gentle bear boy. Sunshine rarely shone through the thick leaves, and the sounds also reached him from a great distance. A.A. was still constantly looking for the Light, and he knew that if he keeps watching and listening intensely, he will find it one day.
It was in 1981 that Bob Marley left the planet and the great woods on it. Inside the deep forest, A.A. has just found the light that was radiating towards him from Reggae. Black vinyls were gathering in A.A. bear’s den, he came to know more and more singers and musicians. It was as if light was pouring on him from an inexhaustible source. He filled up all his pots with it. As years, and even decades passed, A.A. bear’s den became too small, so time has come to get everything in order. By this time the world’s meter was counting 2010. He has tidied up his den, and meanwhile he got an appetite: now he wanted to know every corner of the reggae world, every record in it, be they on his shelves or somewhere beyond. Little did he know then that he will find himself in a real jungle instead of the familiar forest, but he was made of tougher stuff than to back off. Once he was there exploring the field, he also made some signposts and left them carefully behind. That’s how ReggaeOcean was born.

Overlapping several countries, the chronicle of Reggae is mainly a history of island groups, from the Caribbean through Hawaii and New Zealand to Great Britain and even Japan. This explains why the map on this website looks so peculiar, with the category of islands introduced in addition to continents. Searching is real surfing on the ocean here, or maybe a comfortable cruise. Either on an expedition or navigating towards a specific destination, visitors can be sure to find what they are looking for, or even more...
ReggaeOcean has been growing for decades now. It keeps gathering, rising higher and higher, until one day it surrounds everything. Let’s sail the ocean!